Curtain Raiser

We tend to lose ourselves, our souls
to expressions
It's time to tweak that facial muscle
and widen your eyes
To underplay those emotions and
To capture the audience with your
silence that screams
It's time to express and its
time to move
That's Theatre in Motion.

Since ages theatre has been in a constant motion of change. From religious ceremonies practiced in old days to the operas of our times, the characteristic of adaptability is inseparable from theatre.

Theatre-in-Motion believes that theatre, which is an amazing amalgamation of all art forms, touches our lives in more ways than one. For the past twelve seasons, with its wide wings, Theatre-in-Motion has been enveloping every sphere of a theatrical space thereby enlightening every corner with the art of theatre.

Expertise in the field of marketing and passion for theatre makes our way to corporate houses as well. The blend proves to be a unique formula for all those who like a dramatic touch to their work, personality and surroundings.